Sir Edward Thomas

Kindly meet Edward Thomas. Excuse me, Sir Edward Thomas, as he’s insisted on being called.
He’s a little guy, for me, only about 8 inches in height. He’s made from a really funky faux fur coat I found at a garage sale last summer. The short dark brown fur swirls in every direction. Really cool fur, but not easy to capture in photos.

I was playing around with design, again. I always do the head first. After attaching the eyes and embroidering on the nose (I don’t add the ears until the bear is complete) I found myself looking into the eyes of ET!
Gadzooks! Not what I was going for at all. Somewhat flustered I was ready to, well I won’t say for fear Edward will hear, but you-know-what. Then I realized he deserved to be finished, no matter what he wound up looking like.
After putting him all together, with ears firmly attached, I sighed a sigh of relief. He looked like a bear after all. Perhaps a bit different, but a bear nonetheless.
I thought Edward Thomas was a befitting name. He not only agrees, he loves it! He says it’s very debonair. (I won’t tell him what his initials stand for.)

I’m working on a long furred teddy. This fur is really gorgeous. It's a lovely mingle of browns. It too is from a coat, but this one I bought off eBay. Just couldn’t resist!