Nibblet’s Challenging Photo Shoot

The Culprit

Please meet Nibblet, my newest Weebundle. Nibblet is 7 inches tall, standing (which he can), was made from a wonderfully soft faux fur, and sports a military insignia patch thingy.

Nibblet’s photo shoot was a challenge, to say the least. I never did get a good shot, I finally had to settle for so-so.

Nibblet was sitting pretty on the folding blue lounger, pictured above, all ready for his photo shoot. Clever me decided to straddle it for a better angle. As soon as I did, the legs collapsed and the thing folded up on me, from both sides, like a sandwich. And poor Nibblet was catapulted through the air.

The bad news is that I was trapped in that contraption for far too long before I managed to wiggle my way out. Yes, I looked pretty silly.
The good news is I actually caught Nibblet in mid-flight!

When we both finally regained our composure I discovered it was too dark to get a descent picture. We were outside, it was mid-day, and my camera was telling me to use the flash. It’s been drippy dreary gray here for weeks.
I took a few pics anyway, then it started to rain. We called it a day and ran inside.

And it’s the summer solstice! Though this is pretty typical weather for June in the Pacific Northwest, some sunshine would surely be nice. Nibblet thinks so, too!
Happy Hugs,